Sara Johnston Testimonials


Below are some testimonials that have been received.

“I thought I would share this for anyone in Chicago, since we have so few CE options offered in the city. I took all 3 CST classes with Sara Johnston last year & thought it was a great alternative to Upledger. The work is intuitive with a focus on energy. It would be a great complement for MTs who also practice Reiki, or are just interested in learning more about working with energy. I think I learned just as much from Sara‘s wisdom about life in general & working with other’s energy as I did from the hands on techniques. The group is small & intimate. I think the maximum class size that Sara takes is 8 to allow her to give individual attention. Receiving the work is given equal emphasis as practicing the techniques. Her philosophy is that you have to work on yourself to help you facilitate healing for others.  Since taking the class I have a new outlook on how I approach helping clients, there is no ego or intention to fix something. I’m only there to facilitate them doing their internal work. I am also better able to look inward when I have an emotional reaction to a person or situation and identify the trigger.” – Ellen Letten, Tribe

“Sara captures the still point of the soul – the essence of bodywork. Her touch and her energy will encompass you in clouds of healing and let you go a little bit brighter, a little bit lighter, and a little bit more beautiful than you were before. Sara holds the space where butterflies can come from.”  – Xochitl

“Your sessions have helped me with physical and emotional pain. You manage to get to the source and help me find relief. I always leave your studio in a blissful state and look forward to returning soon. Your positive and supportive attitude always lifts my spirits. You have encouraged me and mentored me on my journey through massage school. Your years of experience in the various modalities of bodywork and your wisdom have been a comfort to me over the years. Thank you!”  – Paula

“Regardless of the issues in your tissues ….
Being on Sara’s table is like being in the safest, most nurturing environment on the planet.
Safety to let “it” go and let “it” unwind, let it fall away….
I can actually feel the unwinding muscles, ligaments, tendons, stress, fascia …… (so much so I usually ask is that you moving your hand or is that my body unwinding?)
I have so much respect and admiration for Sara and her work – I feel blessed to have her in my life as a colleague, teacher, therapist, and friend.”  – Doreen, LMT, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

“Sara’s work has helped me recover from numerous injuries that had I had previously believed to be permanent. The work is incredibly gentle and effective, such that she has been able to help me even when it was too uncomfortable for anyone else to touch me. There are not words for how profound the work can be, but it made me whole again. I continue to be actuated towards a grander outcome of self awareness every time I’m gifted the means to enjoy a session with her. The work has changed my life.”  – Heidi

“Sara is special both as a massage therapist & a person you feel comfortable chatting with.”  – Natalie

“Sara is a miracle worker! This approach is clearly the first choice one should make before resorting to covering pain up with drugs.
I had experienced venoplasty due to an injury in January 2000. I did survive but was plagued by neck pain. I could not turn my head over my left shoulder for years and just accepted it. Driving and parking were really painful. Sara was recommended to me and I got to see her in May of 2007. After 3 or 4 treatments, I could finally turn my head. Another I was smacked into on the ‘L’ by a laptop. A sucker punch right to my jaw! The first person I called was Sara. I saw stars, it was swollen. I couldn’t think straight. Three treatments, no more soreness or clicking.”  – Jan