Sara Johnston – Craniosacral Teacher

Sara Johnston, Craniosacral Teacher
Sara Johnston

Sara Johnston, Visionary Craniosacral Teacher and therapist, Myofascial Release practitioner, and Licensed Massage therapist, is a bodyworker, healer and teacher who weaves a unique blend of modalities into a transformational self-healing experience.

In fact, the heart of her work is the shamanistic practice of seeing who you really are, and working with you toward self-empowerment. That is to say that Sara’s bodywork focuses on freeing restrictive patterns within the body-mind-spirit and releasing them at the core level. Consequently, she works with you to help you to reconnect with your true essence, to find your “fulcrum” in life.

Sara specializes in Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release, forms of structural and energetic bodywork distinguished by focus and gentleness, the foundations of healing. Craniosacral work during and after pregnancy is an important and unique offering in her pratice. In addition, pediatric Craniosacral therapy, from newborn to young adult is a component to her work.

Sara is an experienced bodywork teacher focusing on the advanced work of Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release. As a Craniosacral Teacher, she holds workshops at various locations in the Chicago area.  Furthermore, Sara is available for guest lectures upon request.


Sara has over 2400 hours of training.  Specifically, she brings you the experience of: